Membership in the American Technical Education Association is valuable for your career enrichment as well as a networking opportunity for yourself and your organization.

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ATEA Membership

  1. Network with technical education professionals
  2. Professional growth and developmentĀ 
  3. Awards for outstanding performance and leadership
  4. Regional and national conferences
  5. Subscription to the ATEA Journal
  6. Links to member institutions via the ATEA Web site
  7. Active involvement with business and industry in various sectors
  8. Savings on a variety of insurance programs
  9. Voice for technical and applied education
  10. Workforce Development

The American Technical Education Association (ATEA) is a leading association for the postsecondary technical educator with emphasis on professional development.

The organization is dedicated to excellence in quality of postsecondary technical education focusing on practical teaching ideas and best practices. ATEA recognizes outstanding performance and leadership and provides a network for career connectivity.

  • Teach, serve or administer technical education at the postsecondary level.
  • Hire technically prepared employees
  • Support or provide technical education pathways: secondary to postsecondary or postsecondary to university levels.
  • Student enrolled in a postsecondary technical education program
Individual Memberships (Annual)
  • Individual $150
  • Individual, Retired $100
  • Individual, Student $25
  • Individual, Lifetime $1,000
Institution & Corporate Memberships (Annual)
  • Institutional (6 members) $500
  • Supporting Institutional (15 memebers) $1,000
  • System (100 members) $5,000
  • Corporate/Business $1,000-$5,000

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