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American Technical Education Association

Welcome to the American Technical Education Association, a national organization, founded in 1928, committed to its mission to communicate the role and importance of technical education, share best practice, build professional networks, and identify  technology and trends effect technical education.


ATEA's October 28 and 29 "Technical Education in a Rapidly Transforming World of Aerospace and Space Travel"

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Complimentary "Technical Education in Rapidly Transforming World of Aerospace and Space Travel

The conference is based  in Las Cruces, New Mexico, home of NASA White Sands Test Facility, Army White Sands Missile Range, Spaceport American with tenant, Virgin Galactic

Explore what it means to have a spaceport, there are now 12 in the US including Colorado and Virginia--4 have vertical launch capacity but the other 8 are "players" or plan to be be in this era of space travel and exploration.

Explore how an ecosystem is built to attract a spaceport and tenants--and keep them, Tracey Bryan, CEO and President of Bridges of Southern New Mexico is the lead presenter on how they did it and metrics to prove their success going forward.

Explore NASA's White Sands Test Facility and White Sands Missile Range with Joe Bullington, Commercialization Manager, Jacobs Company and Director of Test Facility-co chair of the conference

Explore what it took to create collaboration within Dona Ana and with New Mexico State University to build a strong technical base to serve existing businesses and attract new such as Hapsmobile--300ft wing span drone to deliver 5G, based at Space Port America.   Leading this exploration is Joe Butler, Dean of Science, Engineering and Math Division at Dona Ana Community College.  Oct. 29 three panels on what it took.

Set time aside on October 28-29

An excellent example as to how a Community College, a University in southern New Mexico's, Doña Ana County and the City of Las Cruces collaborated to build, strategize, and grow the economy, labor force, and technical training needs for the White Sands Testing Facility. 

Hear from other benefactors and presenters at this “virtual 2-day conference” representing the White Sands Missile Range, White Sands Test Facility (or use NASA), and the “commercial space” cluster being lead by Virgin Galactic at Spaceport America.

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Complimentary "Technical Education in Rapidly Transforming World of Aerospace and Space Travel

NASA White Sands Test Facility
Army White Sands Missile Range
Space Port America 
Virgin Galactic


Dona Ana  Community College
New Mexico State University
Southern New Mexico businesses with focus on those at the Space Port and Space Travel Industr

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Complimentary "Technical Education in Rapidly Transforming World of Aerospace and Space Travel

Army White Sands Missile Range

optical scanners

Army White Sands Missile Range

White Sands Test Facility

HapsMobile Drone, solar powered tenant at Spaceport America

White Knight Virgin Galactic due to launch between Oct. 19 and Oct. 29

Joe Bullington will narrate and answer questions about Spaceport American

Spaceport America news and website

Best Practice Webinar November 17 

10:00AM-11:30 AM PST

Forest Industry Heavy Equipment Logging and Truck Driving  

Shasta College, Redding, California

hosts a webinar.

Registration is open-click below--free for ATEA members and $35 for non-members:

Best Practice Webinar Forest Industry Heavy Equipment,Logging and Truck Driving

Shasta College has recently received grants for significant equipment and training investment.  


Becky Roe, Shasta College, Senior Coordinator of Forest Health and Logging


Ted James, Sierra Pacific Industries 
John Livingston, Shasta College Faculty in Equipment Maintenance
Recent Program Graduate 

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