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American Technical Education Association

Register for Best Practice Call--December 2, 2021--10:00-11:00 Central

Best Practice Enabling Jobs and Other Experiential Learning Opportunities

"Enabling Jobs & Other Experiential Learning Opportunities throughout the Education Pathway"

Hosted by Pam Bogdan, Ocean City County College, New Jersey

Lecturer II, Program Chair for Engineering & Industrial/Technical Studies Programs & Michelson IP Educator in Residence, National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship.  Pam has both corporate and academic experience.


Rich Varenick, Workforce Development/HR Manager  UNEX Manufacturing, OCC Alumni--

Richard Varenick biography.docx

With Cassidy Wojcik, Engineering Major, Ocean County College

Through an experimental learning initiative developed by the Engineering & Industrial/Technical studies program, Cassidy is an engineering intern at UNEX manufacturing. 

Cassidy Wojcik wiht Jordan Minetti, and Max Schippe, examining a part to verify the program worked correctly and holes are in the correct places. 

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Best Practice Enabling Jobs and Other Experiential Learning Opportunities


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The American Technical Education Association (ATEA) was founded in 1928 for the purpose of communicating the role and importance of technical education. Today, we have a network of faculty, administrators and businesses from  46 states who connect through ATEA.  ATEA identifies technology and trends that effect technical education both now and in the future.  We  bring together national experts, technical college members, and -industry partners to share their work in Best Practice Calls,  conferences-both on site and virtual, the ATEA Journal, and on the website.  You will build relationships that will help you know 

what to look for,

who is implementing it-with a connection to them


what to monitor before choosing the innovation and making the investment in program and equipment.


Here is our YouTube Channel  ATEA Channel--click below to experience an ATEA national conference

Interviews of ATEA Participants at 2017 National Conference in Nashville hosted by the TCAT's

Register for Complimentary Best Practice Calls

UpComing ATEA Best Practice Calls 

December 9, 2021--10:00-11:00 Presentation 11:00-11:30 Discussion

Best Practice Workshop for NSF Grant Application

Workshop for National Science Foundation ATE Grant

Hosted by Dr. Bryan Albrecht, President Gateway Technical College, former ATEA President


V. Celeste Carter, Director Undergraduate Programs

The Best Practice Call is free register here

Best Practice Workshop for NSF Grant Application

Commitment of ATEA to Diversity Equity and Inclusion 

Board of

trustee TAsk Force Leadership

Anthony Landis, Director of Postsecondary Education for the Ohio Department of Higher Education

Dr.  Shawn Mackey Deputy Executive Director of Programs and Accountability, Mississippi Community College Board

Chelle Travis, Executive Director of Skills USA

Dr. Lin Zhou, President, Bates Technical College, Tacoma WA

ATEA Announces the national conference

April 26, 27 and 28 2022

Programs 1:00-4:00 ET

ATEA Special Events 4:00-5:00 ET Daily

"The Technical Education Renaissance" 

It is the digital transformation of the sectors that is driving the renaissance.  The open positions are becoming increasingly technical with basic skills requirements of data analytics, IT, and cyber security.  Computers, cell phones, and tablets are tools.  As the technical nature of positions continues to increase there will be increased need for post-secondary training and credentials to not only develop the future workforce but upskill the current workforce. 

Sue Smith, Conference Moderator and Co-chair of the Manufacturing 4.0 Sector

2022 national conference will focus on

Manufacturing, Allied Health, Agriculture and Transportation--EV, Battery Production and logistics

Opening Day Artificial Intelligence keynote with a look at AI In  each sector. 

Day 2 Focus on Allied Health and Transportation and Day 3 Agriculture and Manufacturing 4.0

Each day will close with an ATEA event--4:00-5:00 ET-

t is the digital transformation of the sectors that is driving the renaissance.  The open positions are becoming increasingly technical with basic skills requirements of data analytics, IT, and cyber security.  Computers, cell phones, and tablets are tools.  As the technical nature of positions continues to increase there will be increased need for post-secondary training and credentials to not only develop the future workforce but upskill the current workforce. 

April 26, 2022

Keynote:  Artificial Intelligence the New Frontier

Presenter: Don Korfhage, President and founder of IGear-the creator of SQUEAKS- a software platform for Industry 4.0 that is transforming communication in manufacturing.

Artificial Intelligence Panel

Moderator- David Aguirre, IIoT Specialist, Gateway Technical College, WI


Jonathan Wise, Rockwell Automation Factory Talk Analytics

Andi Bill, Research Program Manager, University of Wisconsin Madison, Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Carlos Conteras, Senior Director Government Partnerships and Initiatives, Intel Corporation

Dr. Kathleen Scmainda, Medical College of Wisconsin

April 27, 2022-- Keynote and panels will be added.

Transportation Sector Leaders

Barbara Walden, Dean of Technical Sciences, Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno, Nevada

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, Economic Development Advisor to President Mary Thornley,  Trident Technical College, Charleston, South Carolina

Victor Branch,  Program Manager, Center for Advanced Vehicular Extension, Mississippi State University. Canton

Allied Health Sector leaders:

Dr. Betty Reynard, President, Lamar State College Port Arthur, Port Arthur Texas

Dr. James Hodges, Interim President, Calhoun Community College, Decatur Alabama

Dr.  Alex Clifford, Vice President of Academic Affairs,  Maine College of Health Professions, Lewiston, Maine.

April 28, 2022--keynote and panels will be added.

Agriculture Sector Leaders

Dr. Ann Bolman, President, Western Dakota Technical College, Rapid City, South Dakota

Ryan Purdy, President, Mid Plains Community College, North Platte, Nebraska

Clifford Wightman, President, Tennessee College of Applied  Technology- Crossville

Manufacturing 4.0 Sector Leaders

Sue Smith, Vice President for Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Sciences, Ivy Tech, Indiana.

Marie Price, Director of Workforce Training, Idaho Forest Products, Coeur de Alene, Idaho.

Brian Bontempo, Superintendent Auburn Career Center and Ohio Tech Center, Concord Twp. Ohio.

What Happen Fall 2021?

Thank you to Bismarck State College for the October Region 5 Conference

President Doug Jensen

Vice President Daniel Leingang

Dean Mari Volk

Dean Bruce Emmil

CE Program Manager Alison Zarr

Thank you to keynote

Steve Mallard, Master Instructor Cyber Security, Tennessee College of Applied Technology, Shelbyville

Break out presenters

"Dazzle Online"

Dana Wolff and Kim Weihe, Southeast Technical College, Sioux Falls,

South Dakota

"The Current and Future State of Carbon Capture and Storage"

Jason Laumb and Wes Peck

Energy & Environment Research Center

University of North Dakota


"Using Toolboxes, Elephants and Puzzle Pieces to Promote Interprofessional Education in  Healthcare"

Ann Curtis, Ph.D. Director of Interprofessional Education, Maine College of Health Professions, Lewiston, Maine

"Communication and Leadership"

Matthew Fraase, TSgt US Air Force

"Energy and Manufacturing"

Reynold Miller, Todd Seibel

National Energy Center of Excellence, Bismarck State College

"ACE Apprenticeships"

Alica Uhde, Bismarck State College & ACE Representative

"Pathways to Manufacturing"

Brian Bontempo, Ed. D.

Superintendent, Auburn Career Center & Ohio Tech Center.

Concordia Twp. Ohio

"Reaching the Adult Learner"

Lori Gibson

Bismarck Public Schools

"Curriculum Development Center-Online Interactive Tools and Virtual Reality to Enhance Student Learning"

Lance Geving, Darin Unterseher, nad Steven Shannon, National Energy Center of Excellence, Bismarck State College

Panel: "What COVID  Changed in Your Industry and How Education Needs to Adapt"

Sanford Health

North Dakota Information Technology 

Dakota Carrier Network

Farmer's Edge/Precision Ag

RDO Implement Dealer


"Engaging Students"

Human Resources

Public Affairs



Bismarck State College

"Bismarck State Colleges Transition to a Polytechnic Institution"

President Doug Jensen


Dakota Carrier Network, the Bismarck State College and Bismarck Career Academy

Thank you Bismarck!

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