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Welcome to ATEA 

founded in New York in1928 to promote technical education is a national association with participants in 46 states, a national board from 15 states that produces Best Practice Calls, conferences on 8 sectors identified in the fall: manufacturing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, alliled health care, aerospace, agriculture--precision and livestock, forest products, and this year transportation--logistics-land and water.  We welcome participation at our conferences, we welcome you as members--get active about the future of jobs and innovation--make a difference.

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Upcoming October 14 and 15 

"Technical Education, Ahead of the Curve"

 Bismarck State College, Bismarck, North Dakota


American Technical Education Association 

partner  to deliver this conference on

cybersecurity,  allied  health, energy and online learning.

President Doug Jensen welcomes the American Technical Education Association to

Bismarck State College for the Fall 2021 ATEA Conference 

"Technical Education, Ahead of the Curve"

Bismarck State College Conference Leadership

Dr. Daniel Leingang

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mari Volk

Dean of New and Emerging Technologies

Dean Bruce Emeril

National  Energy Center of Excellence

Alison Zarr

Program Manager, Continuing Education and TrainND

ATEA  committee member