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American Technical Education Association

August ATEA starts a series of Best Practice Calls on  "Pathways and Ecosystems to Build a Diverse Technical Workforce" 
watch for registration to open in July

Check in on who is working to create skilled jobs

One Ten Coalition--committed to one million jobs--using the apprenticeship model

Member Update

Washington State Center of Excellence at Everett College

Thank you for your membership and leadership on aerospace, unmanned and space exploration

System Level Membership--100 individuals-engage your ecosystem--they will appreciate the Best Practice and Conference discounts.

Membership Update

New Life Time Member

Will Pierce, VP of Instruction and Accreditation, Cedar Valley, Utah

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New Program at Ivy Tech

Congratulations to all graduates.

 Dr. Rich Wagner, President of Dunwoody College of Technology, Minneapolis, Minnesota's closing speech and Dunwoody's commencement on May 26, 2021, at CHS Baseball field, St. Paul, Minnesota.    It is a message for all graduates of technical colleges in 2021.

And now, as you start the next leg of your journey you carry a responsibility to perpetuate Dunwoody’s reputation through your actions and accomplishments. Are you ready to meet that challenge?

We have all the confidence that you will succeed. Think about all you’ve overcome. You have now endured over a year of challenges associated with a pandemic and the radical changes in how we live, how we go to school and how we do just about everything. You watched the challenges of social injustice as Minneapolis and Minnesota became the epi-center of the call for equity. All while you were trying to finish your education.

You not only endured these crises, you embraced the challenges and with courage and determination you stayed focused and finished your education.

That’s why we all have confidence in you. What you did to finish your education, the discipline, dedication, and commitment you demonstrated has prepared you for success in a very different and difficult world. And now, the world needs you more than ever. We need you to keep industry moving, to help economies restart, to be the talent so many companies need so we as a state and nation have the capacity for economic growth.

We need you, as so many Dunwoody alumni have, to go into the world and help repair what is broken. To use your education to build stronger communities and a better world.

We know you will live up to this charge because you have been equipped with a Dunwoody education and you have demonstrated the ability to overcome significant challenges.

You now represent the best Dunwoody has to offer, and your actions and accomplishments will build Dunwoody’s reputation for the next generation of Dunwoody students. We look forward with great anticipation to hearing about your successes.

Congratulations, thank you for attending Dunwoody and good luck -

Dr. Richard Wagner

President of Dunwoody College of Technology

Dr. Richard Wagner

President, Dunwoody College of Technology

with ALS interpreter

Thank you to all keynotes, presenters, panelists, sector champions and participants for a landmark national conference technology and changes that will transform a workforce training that can transcend sectors

Cybersecurity, Allied Health, Artificial Intelligence, Agriculture and Forest Product and

Aerospace, Unmanned Systemes and Space Exploration

If you missed it, you can register for the video of the full conference

Access to ATEA National Conference Workforce Intelligence--Human, Machine and Technical Education

the link will be sent to you after you register.

All keynotes are available to the public on YouTube ATEAonline or the link below

April 27, 28 and 29 2021--ATEA National Conference Workforce Intelligence--Human Machine and Technical Education


Chris Zannetos, CEO Covered Security

"Cybersecurity a Bridge to a Stronger and Equitable Society"

Opening Conference Keynote

April 27

Cybersecurity Sector

Todd McLees, Pendio Group.   

"Future of Work"

Opening Keynote Wednesday April 28 Artificial Intelligence and Allied Health sectors 

Dr. Mary Thornley, President of Trident Technical College, Charleston South Carolina

"Workforce that Works"

Keynote for April 29 the Aerospace Sector 

Ann Curtis, DNP

Director of Interprofessional Education

Maine College of Health Professions

"Leaving So Soon?

Exodus on new healthcare team members and how IPE can help preserve the workforce."

Healthcare Sector Keynote April 27

Dr. Jay Lee, Vice Chairman  of Foxconn Technology Group

"Introduction to Industrial AI with Applications"

April 28

 Officers for the American Technical Education Association 2021Line of succession vice presidents each serving two year terms in each position up to and as president through 2029

One of ATEA’s strengths is leadership.  With active members and an engaged board, ATEA has excelled in providing services to its members and supporting technical education.  Strong and consistent leadership is critical to any organization.  ATEA is proud to announce an amazing slate of leaders to continue its mission and vision. Thank you to our board of trustees for your support and to everyone who stepped up to assume a leadership role for ATEA.  We look forward to the future!    Susan G. Smith,  President, ATEA Board of Trustees 2019-2021

President 2021-2023

    1st V P, 2021-2023

2nd VP 2021-2023

3rd VP 2021-2023

Welcome to new and renewing members!

ATEA is proud to announce the addition of new business members, supporting members, institutional members, library/media members and individual members.

Thank you Dunwoody College of Technology, Ivy Tech Community College, and Gateway Technical College for renewing at an ATEA System level of $5000 for 100 members.

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ATEA strategically analyzes trends in technology and technical education.

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American Technical Education Association

premier association for the post secondary technical educator, with emphasis on professional development.

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