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American Technical Education Association

Welcome to the American Technical Education Association, a national organization, founded in 1928, committed to its mission to communicate the role and importance of technical education, share best practice, build professional networks, and identify  technology and trends effect technical education.

Forest Industry Sector--ATEA Best Practice on Heavy Equipment and Truck Driving held on November 17

Thank you Marie Price, Training Director, Idaho Forest Group; and ATEA Board of Trustee

Thank you Shasta  College, Becky Roe, John Livingston and program alum, Sabrina Cantu Heavy Equipment Operator, Warner Enterprises

Thank You, Ted James, Sierra Pacific Industries and Past President of Sierra Cascade Logging Conference

Thank you to participants from Alabama, Maine, Wisconsin, Washington, Indiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Tennessee, Idaho, and California

Heavy Equipment and Truck Driving Program--Shasta College partnership with Forest Industry

Photo Credit: Carol Perea, Redding CA

Are you looking for a successful model for transitioning your valued industry partnerships into valuable industry-recognized certificate programs? Join our panelists, including a faculty member, an industry champion and a past student now working in the woods, to gain insights into how Shasta College's Heavy Equipment Logging Operations (HELO) program is serving its students with relevant skills training to meet local and regional workforce needs in California's critical forest products and management sector.

Thank you, 

Becky Roe

Senior Project Coordinator 

Shasta College, Economic & Workforce Development  

Ted James,

Sierra Pacific Industries/Sierra Cascade Logging Conference

John Livingston,

Shasta College Faculty, Equipment Operations and Maintenance Instructor

Call Moderator, Marie Price, Director of Training and Development, Idaho Forest Group and ATEA Board of Trustee

Sabrina Cantu

Heavy Equipment Operator, Warner Enterprises, Shasta College Program Alumni

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Best Practice Heavy Equipment Logging and Truck Driving in the Forest Industry

ATEA 3D Futures Competition

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due Midnight February 15 2021

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