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American Technical Education Association

ATEA Announcements October 2019
2020 ATEA 3 D Futures Competition sponsored  by Dassault Systemes

ATEA 3D Futures Competition Announcement and Entry Form for 2020.pdf

ATEA National Awards for Student, Teacher, Program and Business


ATEA Conferences 2019 and 2020

Thank you


Dunwoody College of Technology 

for the ATEA Region 5 conference

"Connect Now to Next in Technical Education"

host Dunwoody College of Education, Minneapolis MN

March 17 -18

"The Role and Importance of Technical Education"

hosted by

Camden County College
New Jersey
President Don Borden
 Blackwood campus

Camden County College


Dr. Aaron Fichtner, President of the New Jersey County College Council and

Dr. Jon Connolly, President of Sussex County Community College.

registration opens in October

Conference site visit--CIM Building

L-R Camden County College, Blackwood campus,: Kevin Schmidt, Teaching Administrator and Director, Engineering Technology, Dean Michael Nester, Liberal Arts and Professional Development, Associate Dean, David Bruno, Liberal Arts and Professional Development--

Aaron Fichtner, President , New Jersey County College Council. Sandra Gehlen Krebsbach, ATEA Executive Director

October 8-9, 2020  Region 5 
Are the Best Way to Learn"

Hosted by Lake Area Technical Institute

Watertown, South Dakota

October 27 Board meeting

and 28-29 conference 2020

for ATEA members

"Spaceports and the role of technical education in job training for space travel"

Las Cruces, New Mexico

registration opens January 2020

ATEA 2020 National Conference is in Camden, New Jersey March 16-18

"The Role and Importance of Technical Education"

host Camden County College, Blackwood Campus

Conference Chairs 

 Dr. Aaron Fichtner, President of New Jersey  County College Council

Dr. Jon Connolly President of Sussex County Community College

Dr. Aaron Fichtner


New Jersey County College Council

Dr. Jon Connolly


Sussex County College, Newton NJ

American Technical Education Association 

Founded in 1928 in New York by William Fenniger and  a team of technical educators, business and government leaders across the United States,. The American Technical Education Association was formed  for the purpose of supporting technical education to foster American industry, good jobs and the skill development of individuals.   The 2019 Board of Trustees is from 17 states and are leaders of systems, institutions, faculty, businesses, associations and state department of education divisions.

L-R backrow:  Dr. Shawn Mackey, Al Bunshaft, Dr. Alex Clifford, Dr.Bryan Albrecht President 2017-2019, Brooks Jacobsen, Dr. Rich Wagner Past President 2013-15, Dr. Betty Reynard, Adrian San Miguel, Jim New, Ryan Purdy, Cliff Wightman, Front row: Sandra Gehlen Krebsbach, Executive Director, Jimmy Hodges, James King Past President 3 term 2006-11, Dr. Ann Bolman, Marie Price, Dana Wolff, Dr. James Sherrard, Paul Perkins, Dr. Lin Zhou, Dr. Jon Connolly and Dr. Scott Mickelsen. 

Click below  for board photos and biographies

Board of Trustees 2019

ATEA Board of Trustee Leadership 2019-2021 and Board members 2019

ATEA NEW Board Appointments 2019-2022

Dr. James Barrott

Executive Vice President Technical College,

Chattanooga State Community College

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Dr. Aaron Fichtner


New Jersey County College Council

Trenton, New Jersey

Mr. Jimmy Hodges


Wallace State College

Hancevillle, Alabama

Dr. Scott Mickelsen


Dawson Community College

Glendive, Montana

Marie Price

Director, Training 

Idaho Forest Group

Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Cliff Wightman, President of TCAT-CrossvilleCliff Wightman


Tennessee College of Applied Technology

Crossville, Tennessee

News that effects technical education

OP Ed on Postsecondary Education a Road Less Traveled

January 27, 2019

"The National Science Foundation has established The Future of Work at the Human Technology Frontier program as one of its 10 Big Ideas to push forward the frontiers of U.S. research and provide innovative approaches to solve some of the most pressing problems the country faces."

 "Future of Work," Dr. Bryan Albrecht, Journal Times, January 27, 2019

Commentary by Bryan Albrecht, Journal Times, January 27, 2019
Reverse Transfer Legislation--4year credits applied to associates degrees and certificates
Digital Twins --digital product information from manufacturing through service
Incentive for completing 30 credits--next year free

Welcome to new and renewing members!

ATEA is proud to announce the addition of new business members, supporting members, institutional members, library/media members and individual members.

Thank you Tesla for joining ATEA as a business member.   We appreciate your interest in a skilled workforce and the contribution of technical education to innovation.

Thank you Dunwoody College of Technology, Ivy Tech Community College, and Gateway Technical College for renewing at an ATEA System level of $5000 for 100 members.

Technology Trends

ATEA strategically analyzes trends in technology and technical education.

See Tech Trends

ATEA System level sponsors


$1000 for 10 members

ATEA Institution, organization or business membership

$500 for 3 members


Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Crump

TCAT Crump

Host College membership

 Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Rapid City, South Dakota 

American Technical Education Association

premier association for the post secondary technical educator, with emphasis on professional development.

818 Dunwoody Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Located on  the 
Dunwoody College of Technology Campus

Dr. Sandra Krebsbach, Executive Director

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