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American Technical Education Association

Congratulations to all ATEA members and colleges on your graduates.

Thank you to all keynotes, presenters, panelists, sector champions and participants for a landmark national conference  based on 5 sectors' technology and changes that are or will be transformed into certificate and associate degree programs at two year colleges, a workforce training that can transcend sectors


Allied Health

Artificial Intelligence

Agriculture and Forest Products

Aerospace, Unmanned Systemes and Space Exploration

 Officers for the American Technical Education Association 2021Line of succession vice presidents each serving two year terms in each position up to and as president through 2029

One of ATEA’s strengths is leadership.  With active members and an engaged board, ATEA has excelled in providing services to its members and supporting technical education.  Strong and consistent leadership is critical to any organization.  ATEA is proud to announce an amazing slate of leaders to continue its mission and vision. Thank you to our board of trustees for your support and to everyone who stepped up to assume a leadership role for ATEA.  We look forward to the future!    Susan G. Smith,  President, ATEA Board of Trustees 2019-2021

President 2021-2023

    1st V P, 2021-2023

2nd VP 2021-2023

3rd VP 2021-2023

Welcome to new and renewing members!

ATEA is proud to announce the addition of new business members, supporting members, institutional members, library/media members and individual members.

Thank you Dunwoody College of Technology, Ivy Tech Community College, and Gateway Technical College for renewing at an ATEA System level of $5000 for 100 members.

Technology Trends

ATEA strategically analyzes trends in technology and technical education.

Space launch

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ATEA System level Members

100 members from your system, college or ecosystem-each receives the same conference discounts, ATEA Journal and ATEA members connections


$1000 for 15 members

ATEA Institution, organization or business membership

$500 for 6 members

Lincoln Land Community College

Bismarck State College - Discover the Next Version of Yourself

H Logo MarkHighland Community College, Hinds, KS

Host College membership

American Technical Education Association

premier association for the post secondary technical educator, with emphasis on professional development.

818 Dunwoody Blvd.
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Located on  the 
Dunwoody College of Technology Campus

Dr. Sandra Krebsbach, Executive Director

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