“Flirting with Disaster”

Maine College of Health Professions’ (mchp.edu) senior nursing and radiologic technology students participated in a half-day mass casualty training as part of the College’s interprofessional education (IPE) initiative.

IPE is defined by the World Health Organization as “two or more healthcare professions learning from, with, and about each other to improve health outcomes.”

The approach has gained prominence in MCHP’s curriculum due to its significance in fully educating highly skilled healthcare professionals. The April 3 experience allowed graduating nursing and radiologic technology students an opportunity to apply skills they have learned in their programs to reinforce teamwork and communication skills.

The event replicated a mass casualty incident caused by a drunk driver at an outdoor event. Students participated in six scenarios, where they gained experience in triaging victims, being involved in incident command, prioritizing care, working with law enforcement, collaborating with a translator, and caring for an Intensive Care Unit patient.