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American Technical Education Association

Welcome to the American Technical Education Association


What is the American Technical Education Association?

ATEA is an autonomous, non-affiliated international association devoted solely to the purposes of postsecondary technical education. It is an organization dedicated to excellence in the quality of postsecondary technical education with emphasis on professional development. ATEA is a driving force behind workforce development.

ATEA was founded in Delmar, New York in 1928 and incorporated as a non-profit professional education association in 1960. In 1973 the national headquarters moved from New York to Wahpeton, North Dakota to the campus of North Dakota State College of Science. In 2012 the national office moved to Dunwoody College of Technology, a private non-profit technical college founded in 1914 in Minneapolis.

American Technical Education Assn.

Dr. Sandra Krebsbach
Executive Director, ATEA
818 Dunwoody Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55304


  • Teach, serve or administer technical education at the postsecondary level.
  • Hire technically prepared employees
  • Support or provide technical education pathways: secondary to postsecondary or postsecondary to university levels.


The American Technical Education Association (ATEA) is

a leading association for the postsecondary technical educator with emphasis on professional development for postsecondary technical educators. The organization is dedicated to excellence in quality of postsecondary technical education by focusing on practical teaching ideas and best practices. ATEA recognizes outstanding performance and leadership and provides a network for career connectivity.


  • Promote high quality technical education.
  • Advocate the value of technical education to society.
  • Disseminate information regarding current issues, trends and exemplary practices in technical education.
  • Partner with educational institutions, business, industry, labor and government to enhance workforce development strategies.

Top Ten Reasons to Join ATEA:

10. Workforce Development

9. Voice for technical and applied education

8. Share best practice

7. Active involvement with business and industry

6. Opportunity to respond to national media requests

5. Subscription to the ATEA Journal

4. Regional and national conferences

3. Awards for outstanding performance and leadership

2. Professional growth and development

1. Networking with technical education professionals

American Technical Education Association

premier association for the post secondary technical educator, with emphasis on professional development.

Dunwoody College of Technology
818 Dunwoody Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Dr. Sandra Krebsbach, Executive Director

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