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Member Spotlights


ATEA website features member institutions and individuals who exemplify the range of services, programming and organization of technical programs

SPOTLIGHT 17 Maine College of Health Professions “Flirting with Disaster”

Lewiston, Maine - On April 3, 2018, Maine College of Health Professions' ( senior nursing and radiologic technology students participated in a half-day mass casualty training as part of the College’s interprofessional education (IPE) initiative. IPE is defined by the World Health Organization as “two or more healthcare professions learning from, with, and about each other to improve health outcomes.” The approach has gained prominence in MCHP’s curriculum due to its significance in fully educating highly skilled healthcare professionals. The April 3 experience allowed graduating nursing and radiologic technology students an opportunity to apply skills they have learned in their programs to reinforce teamwork and communication skills. The event replicated a mass casualty incident caused by a drunk driver at an outdoor event. Students participated in six scenarios, where they gained experience in triaging victims, being involved in incident command, prioritizing care, working with law enforcement, collaborating with a translator, and caring for an Intensive Care Unit patient.

Pictured in this photo (L to R) are Radiologic Technology student, Madison Bagley, and Nursing students, Isabella-Rose Dunnells  and Carrie Cressy. Here, the interprofessional team collaborates to perform a portable x-ray to verify placement of a nasogastric tube during MCHP’s interprofessional education session, Flirting with Disaster.

Spotlight 16 TCAT Elizabethton announces partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US (FCA) 

ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. – TCAT Elizabethton automotive and diesel programs have formed a strategic partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US (FCA) to provide graduates with possible employment opportunities at local Chrysler dealers and others throughout the U.S.  


Pictured at the Aug. 14 announcement at TCAT Elizabethton, from left, are Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology Vice Chancellor James King, TCAT Elizabethton Director Dean Blevins, Jacky Livingston, John Lee and Tim Ward, each an ASE Certified Master Technician at TCAT Elizabethton, Executive Director Roger Tadajewski of the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), and Heidi Hughes, head of technical training for FCA.

TCAT Elizabethton is the first among 27 Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology to offer Level 1 Technician certification to graduates.   FCA established the Mopar CAP LOCAL program with a goal of training approximately 1,000 students annually at more than 100 colleges. 

Main Campus, 426 Highway 91 North, Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643  Telephone 423-543-0070

Spotlight 15 Marion Technical College, Marion, Ohio--Bioscience Technology associates degree prepares for jobs in medicine, manufacturing and  criminal justice.  Pharmacy Technician Associates degree prepared for jobs in pharmacies and also prepares for related jobs in insurance.

Marion Technical College Bioscience and Pharmacy Technology Degrees


Spotlight 14 Technical College students can successfully compete with 4 year and graduate engineering students in designing, building and operating a robotic snowplow.   


Saint Paul Winter Carnival robotic Snow Plowing Competition results: The Dunwoody College Robotic Snow Plow Team put on a great show this weekend at the St. Paul Winter Carnival.

This was Dunwoody’s 4th consecutive year competing against top engineering universities in the Institute of Navigation’s Autonomous Snow Plow Competition.

Team Members: Kevin Brown (ELTT), Will Jernigan (ELTT), Jerry Opp (ASRO) and Matt Silvernail (ELTT)

Faculty Advisors: E.J. Daigle (MANU) and John McShannock (ASRO/ELTT)

See attached photo of the award winning plow.

Final Standings: (and prize money)
1st ($7000):          Miami University (Ohio)
2nd ($5000):         University of Michigan (Yeti)
3rd ($2500):         University of Michigan (Geili)
4th ($1000):          University of Michigan (Zenith)
5th ($700):            Dunwoody College of Technology Snow Devil with the check
6th ($500):            Case Western University
7th ($0):                 Iowa State University
8th ($0):                 North Dakota State University


related link:


Spotlight 13  Programs can be developed and delivered quickly with leadership moving on opportunity to meet the needs of employers and business with industry certificates.   The program profiled is no longer offered.  It met the need.  S.


Spotlight 12.   Postsecondary technical and applied education programs can be completed in one  year and can place students into growing career sectors such as health care.  Additionally these allied health programs often support the provision of health care in rural and underserved communities.

Tennessee Technology Center at McMinnville Tennessee Medical Assistant

McMinnville Medical Assistant is featured because it is an example of students moving in the health care career area within one year.

Medical Assisting Program Tennessee Technology Center McMinnville


Spotlight 11. Technical colleges and institutes can be developed from a technical division or department of a 4 year college.  The separation into a new institution can increase focus and delivery of workforce education.

College of Western Idaho, Nampa, Idaho

The College of Western Idaho is featured as one of the newest two year colleges in the United States.  It developed from Boise State University programs that better fit the certificate and associate degree format.   It has grown with its focus on digital and forensic security that fits the certification industry standards including CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator), Security +, CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) and ACE (Access Data Certified Examiner).   Idaho built new buildings and repurposed a retail building to meet program growth needs.      College of Western Idaho


Spotlight 10. Postsecondary technical education institutions and colleges have library and information resources on par with other higher education institutions for their institutions programs.

Ogeechee Technical College Library, Stateboro, Georgia.  

The Ogeechee Tech library was the first technical college library in the nation (and the world) to convert to Ohio College Library Center’s (OCLC) WorldShare Management Services (WMS).




Spotlight 9. Postsecondary technical and applied education includes a range of disciplines and programs, from  early childhood education providers and health care to professionals. welding and nuclear power plant operators.

Ivy Tech Community College Indiana 

the nation's largest state-wide community college with single accreditation  Early childhood education program at Kokomo IN.

Ivy Tech College Kokomo Campus Early Childhood Program


Spotlight 8.  States have different organizational models for delivering postsecondary technical education.

Linn State Technical College

 Missouri's technical college for consortia of 13 two year colleges.

Linn State Technical College Missouri


Spotlight 7. Global multi-campus community college.

The Community College of the Air Force

The Air Force has the largest community college in the world with 68 campuses around the globe.  Headquartered in Maxwell Gunter Airforce Base AL

Community College of the Air Force


Spotlight 6. UPDATE September 2014 Jefferson College, Hillsboro, Missouri was featured in the ATEA spotlight for state wide collaboration for a  Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training TAACCCT grant to grow sectors of the economy and retrain unemployed workers due to trade agreements. 


 Jefferson College has provided an update that they have completed their grant for health care programs  from MOHealthWINs to grow the Missouri health service  and science based economy and occupations.  Roger Barrentine, Director of Marketing and Public Relations further reports that

"it went very well,  to the point that the Missouri Community College Association (and Jefferson College as a co-participant) put together a statewide application for the second round of the MoHealthWINs grant which should be announced some time this fall.

ATEA wishes them continued success with their collaboration


Spotlight 5. Certificates for workplace training include those specifically for those with a  bachelor's degree.

Madison Area Technical College Madison Wisconsin

Madison Area Technical College offers 40 certificate programs, some specifically for those with a bachelor's degree in science who need the laboratory skills for their employment in the biomedical laboratory businesses.

Madison Area Technical College Certificates


Spotlight 4.   National Science Foundation Grant for training science teachers K-16.

Northern Wyoming Community College District

NWCCD had a National Science Foundation Grant to educate k-16 teacher including science teachers in energy production.  The teachers are from around the nation.  The curriculum is available through NWCCD's website.

Northern Wyoming Community College District


Spotlight 3.  National networks of service training for major auto manufacturers

Texas State College of Technology Waco, TExas

Texas State College of Technology along with Dunwoody College of Technology and 8 other postsecondary technical institutions have  are Toyota T-TEN schools.  T-TEN schools received support and resources from Toyota to train skilled service professionals. 

Texas State College of Technology Waco


Spotlight 2.  Postsecondary technical programs  test innovations in equipment and technology.

Tennessee Technology Center in Elizabethton TN

TTC Elizabethton tests medical instrument sleeves for iPADs. They are part of Griffin Technologies research on the use of mobile devices.

Tennessee TC Elizabethon Mobile Medical iPAD Case


Spotlight 1.   Articulation Agreements between associate degree programs and four year degree programs.

Three Rivers Community College in Norwich Connecticut and the University of Massachusetts at Lowell

TRCC have an articulation agreement for students in the nuclear medicine radiography program. An example of the significant base of learning that takes place at technical and community colleges.  Dr. James Sherrard Chair of Nuclear Programs at TRCC also teaches students who follow the track of safety and employment at nuclear power plants.

Three Rivers CC and U Mass Lowell partnership



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