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Space Workforce of Southern California

Sponsored by Dassault Systemes

Thank you to all paneslists and participants and to keynote Alissa Haddaji

Thank you to California State University Long Beach for facilitating the Pointe Conference Center

And to 

Dean Rhee, School of Engineering, California State University Long Beach

and to 

President Jane Conoly, California State University Long Beach

for the Welcome 

Panelist President JoAnna Schilling shared Cypress College video on NASA Program in Community Colleges

Cypress College 

The exciting opportunities in the Space Workforce in Southern California will be explored at the Summit by  major space workforce employer panel.  Regional Community College leaders  will share the programs that meet that challenge and also what is planned or needed. It opens with a discussion of the range of professional and technical jobs in the Space Sector with Space Lawyer, Alissa Haddaji.

J P Laguerre, Director of Education, Dassault Systemes will moderate the employer panel

Dr. Jinny Rhee, Dean of Engineering at California State University Long Beach will moderate the educators panel.

 November 8, 2023
the Pointe Conference Center, California State University Long Beach

Doors open at 1:00 with display tables by Dassault and Community College participants

Program starts at 2:00 PM 

keynote by Alissa Haddaji, Director of the Space Consortium Harvard and MIT 

Alissa Haddaji Linkedin profile

"Launching into space careers: understanding a rich multi and transdisciplinary landscape”

3:00 PM

Space Industry Panel comprised of leading industries and employers in Southern California

"Space sector skills and training for jobs needed in Southern California.”

Dr. Tarun Soni

Fellow, Northrup Grumman,

San Diego

Dr. Tarun Soni, Northrup Grumman

James Lai, Aerospace Corporation,

Principal, El Segundo 

bio (Liau).pdf

Brian Hershberger

Air Vehicle Director, Lockheed Martin, Skunk Works, Palmdale CA

Brian Hershberger Linkedin



J P Laguerre,

Director of Education Dassault Systemes

J P Laguerre Dassault Systemes

Clifton Davies

Director of Digital Transformation

Virgin Galactic

Clifton Davies Linkedin

Jason Roberson

Industry Value Expert, Aerospace and Defense, Dassault Systemes

Jason Roberson Dassault Systemes

 “Community College Capacity for New Programs and Current Programs Serving the Space Industry Sector”

 Dr. JoAnna Shillings


Cypress College, Cypress CA

President JoAnna Schilling linkedin

Melissa Infusino

 Vice President for Workforce Development

Long Beach City College, Long Beach CA

Melissa Infusio Linkedin

Dr. Jose Fierro


Cerritos Community College

Cerritos CA

President Jose Fierro linkedin


Dr. Jinny Rhee

Dean of Engineering

California State University-Long Beach

Dr. Jinny Rhee Dean of Engineering CSULB

 Dr. Angelo Esposito

Director of Title V STEM Grant Program and

Chair of Engineering Department

Orange Coast College Costa Mesa CA

Dr. Angelo Esposito Linkedin


Program Closes with 

Synthesis Panel:

Alissa Haddaji, President Schillings, Dr. Tarun Soni,

and J P Laguerre Moderator

Gallery open for conversation and closing connection

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