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American Technical Education Association


Northern Wyoming Community College District’s Energy
Technician Education Project, Advanced Technology Education.

Building the future workforce in energy related industries
curriculum development in grades K-16.

3 year grant funded by a National Science Foundation Grant. This photo is from the 2011 teachers program with teachers from middle schools, high schools, and post secondary programs. Participants are from Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, Washington DC and Wyoming.

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Northern Wyoming Community College District

Photo of Teachers k-16 from around the nation participating in the development of energy curriculum (2011)

Northern Wyoming Community College District was awarded a National Science Foundation and ATE grant three years ago in 2010. The grant was to: 1) develop a program in energy technology that increases available skilled workforce for the energy industries; 2) engage junior high students in STEM, particularly as it relates to energy science; and 3) involve K-16 science teachers in the development of energy science curriculum while introducing them to Wyoming’s Geology and diverse energy industries.

Following a series of focus groups with energy industry experts two Associate of Applied Science programs were developed: Environmental Engineering Technician AAS and Computer Aided Design AAS.

Dr. Rob Milne, Sheridan College Chemistry Instructor (far left in photo)developed and has offered the successful science camp targeting 7th and 8th Graders. The week-long camp exposes students to topics from kinetic and potential energy to scores of electricity. This summer on of the Sheridan College science education students is assisting with the science camp.

Tom Johannesmeyer, Sheridan College Geology Instructor (2nd from right in back row of the photo), and Susan Grant, NWCCD Curriculum designer(first on the right front row), have coordinated and hosted the week-long Summer Energy Education course and field trips for K-16 Science teachers from around the country. After touring such mines as the Greybull Underground Oil Mime, The Gas Hills Open Pit Uranium mine, and the Bear Lodge Mountain Rare Element District, teachers spend five days working together to develop curriculum modules for their grade levels. The new curriculum is shared on the Sheridan Community College website.

Uranium Mining Site

Northern Wyoming Community College District was awarded a National Science Foundation and ATE grant three years ago in 2010.docx

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