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ATEA National Conference June 2 and 3 2020, Chaired by New Jersey County College President Dr. Aaron Fichtner and Dr. Jon Connolly, President of Sussex County College, Newton, New Jersey

Host College for ATEA NJCCC conference June 2 and 3

Hudson County College


Ben Franklin Bridge over the Delaware River from Philadelphia to Camden 

"Leadership and Partnership: Building Technical Education Pathways to Meet the  Needs of a Rapidly Changing Economy."

Camden County College is thrilled to host the American Technical Education Association Conference this spring.  Like ATEA, Camden County College is committed to connecting educational institutions, business, industry, labor and government to enhance workforce development strategies.  What better place to hold this important conference than one of the strategic hubs of workforce training and technical education in the Delaware Valley?  We look forward to showing off our beautiful campus.

Don Borden, President, Camden County College

March 17 and 18 Conference
Host college,
Camden County College Blackwood Campus.

ATEA_ Preliminary National conference Program January 30 2020.pdf

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Leadership and Partnership:Building Technical Education Pathways

Trade Show Leadership and Partnerships

Each session will have panelists

from ATEA and New Jersey County Colleges 

ATEA_ Preliminary Program as of February 5 2020.pdf

ATEA 2020- Panelist's FORM.doc

If you would like to be a panelist or if you have a recommendation for a panelists, please contact ATEA at

the conference will tie to the New Jersey County College Council Vision 2028 

New Jersey County Colleges Council Vision 2028

Survey on how you could partner with NJCCC

From Conference Chairs and  ATEA board members

Leadership and Partnership: Building Technical Education Pathways to Meet the Needs of a Rapidly Changing Economy

A strong system of technical education, that starts in high school and extends through two-year colleges with possible paths to further education and training, is critical to the future of our country in a rapidly changing global economy. As community and technical colleges, we are a fulcrum of this system. We are the point on which this system moves. We are uniquely positioned to lead. We cannot do this work alone.


In New Jersey, community colleges are leading a bold effort to ensure that our residents are prepared with the skills to thrive and compete in the changing economy and are leading the development of partnerships with high schools, four-year colleges and universities and employers. We welcome ATEA to New Jersey, to learn more about our efforts and to discuss innovative efforts of community and technical colleges across the country to lead technical education pathways, to build broad partnerships and to build a skilled innovative workforce to drive economic growth.


The 2020 ATEA conference, entitled Leadership and Partnership: Building Technical Education Pathways to Meet the Needs of a Rapidly Changing Economy, will focus on innovative partnerships with high schools and colleges, new ideas for engaging employers in this important work, and the impact of the changing skills needs of employers on technical education.  When the conference ends, we hope that you will leave Camden County, New Jersey with new ideas, new connections and new energy to support all of your efforts to lead technical education across the country.

Dr. Aaron Fichtner, President New Jersey Council of County Colleges

Dr. Jon Connolly, President, Sussex County College, Newton, New Jersey

Dr. Aaron Fichtner


New Jersey County College Council

Dr. Jon Connolly


Sussex County Community College

Newton, New Jersey

American Technical Education Association

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Dr. Sandra Krebsbach, Executive Director

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