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ATEA 3 D Futures Competition prize sponsor Dassault Systemes 1st prize $1500, 2nd $1000 and 3rd $500

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1st Prize Kara Learning Mechanism, Chippewa Valley Technical College, River Falls Wisconsin

L-R: Mahmood Lahroodi, Instructor of Mechanical Design, Team Kara Learning Mechancism: Franklin Lorzano, Rick Heuer, Andrew Boster II, Jonathan Knapp and Dr. Sandra Gehlen Krebsbach ATEA Executive Director

Winning video:Kara Learning Mechanism 1st Prize ATEA 3 D Futures Competition

2nd Prize Robotic Arm and Gripper, Chippewa Valley Technical College, River Falls, Wisconsin

L-R Mahmood Lahroodi, Instructor, Mechanical Design, Andrew Boster II, Alex Husfleon, Eric Wolle and Dr. Sandra Gehlen Krebsbach, ATEA Executive Director

Robotic Arm and Gripper ATEA 3 D Futures 2nd Prize

audio of Dr. Krebsbach's interview with Robotic Arm and Gripper Team (above) on how they worked together and description of the project Robotic Arm and Gripper_2nd Place Winners.m4a

3rd Prize Chippewa Valley Technical College, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

  Transmission Power Tool  video 

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Dr. Sandra Krebsbach, Executive Director

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