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Dunwoody College of Technology's Sewing and Production Industry Certificate

This program is highlighted as an example of technical education working with industry and public service organizations to rebuild an economic sector and qualify as an industry certificate all within 10 months.

Sewing and Production Industrial Certificate

Debra Kerrigan, Dean for Workforce Training and Continuing Education at Dunwoody College of Technology located in Minneapolis St. Paul, at a St. Paul Chamber of Commerce event heard of a need for skilled workers for a local leather bag manufacturer J.W. Hulme, Co.   She offered to create a sewing course if other manufacturers with the same skill needs would join with J.W.  Hulme.  Within 10 months a program was developed with machines, materials donated by industry along with their experienced employees ready to become adjunct faculty.  Working with Lifetrack, a Minnesota nonprofit, that connects employers with workers--especially immigrants and others who have difficulty finding work, together they gave the industrial sewing industry in Minnesota new life.   The students in the program include recent immigrants from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe who have the skill and interest in production sewing.   The Makers Association moved the program to the level to qualify for the Sewing and Production Industry Certificate.

Dunwoody College of Technology has plans to license the curriculum to other educational and workforce training providers.   Their goal is to increase the sewing manufacturing industry, so according to Kerrigan, "there will truly be Made in America."

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Dunwoody College of Technology
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Dr. Sandra Krebsbach, Executive Director

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